How to get enviable, kissable, soft, plump lips!

This time of year is known to be a doozey for most, at least when it comes to lips. The temperature changes that go along with the winter season can wreak havoc on ones skin, especially lips. The outcome tends to be excessive dryness which leads to the ever irritating, and sometimes painful, split, chapped, [...]

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One of the World’s Top Airport Spas!

What a huge compliment! In a recent article by CNN.com our Fairmont Vancouver Airport location was listed as one of the top airport spas in the world! Article Quote Below: "Absolute Spa Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel The airport outpost of Canada's most luxurious hotel chain has a spa offering an array of jet set-friendly treatments [...]

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Inspiring Local Story – Vote for Jessica Kruger!

This morning our Owner Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia was in to do an interview with Global News 1's Jill Krop when she met a young woman that embodies the positive spirit, beauty, confidence and kindness that we all aspire to! Jessica Krugar was working as a painter when she was 15 years old. She was up on [...]

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