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The Ultimate Skincare Routine with Moor Spa

Okay, so you might be thinking to yourself “Who on earth has time nowadays for a full skincare routine?” At least I know I’m thinking that! Life can get so busy that the thought of even just cleansing my skin morning AND night seems like such a time-consuming and daunting task. I’m here to convince you (and myself included) that treating yourself to a 10 minute routine really isn’t all that bad… because, by the end of it all your skin will be thanking you!

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. We won’t tell you to buy 10 million products but we will let you in on some of the best investments you can make aka skincare products that actually work. Quality over quantity, am I right? Do keep in mind that a product can take up to 6-8 weeks before you start seeing results, with maximum results at around 18 months. Oftentimes people will try something new for a couple of weeks, think it’s not doing any good for their skin and then give up! This is how you end up with a drawer full of expensive products… which is not what we’re trying to go for! Have patience and you’ll be just fine! 

We’ll be featuring all Moor Spa Products in this blog! Not only is Moor Spa local but they are also a vegan-friendly brand. By the way… if you’re new to this, we got you – we’ll explain each product and tell you exactly how to use it! Let’s get into the routine now, shall we? 

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Step 1: Cleanse

Moor Spa Cleansing Gel – Normal to Oily Skin

What is it?

The Moor Spa Cleansing Gel is a sulfate-free and gentle cleanser with natural ingredients like tea tree, lavender, lemongrass and ylang ylang. Aka the perfect cleanser to refresh, clean and balance the skin!

How to use: 

Gently massage a small amount onto wet face and neck, then rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: Tone

Moor Spa Herbal Toner – All Skin Types 

What is it?

A lot of people think they don’t need to use any sort of toner but if you’ve never tried one before, this is the one to go for! The Herbal Toner is amazing to help reduce redness, sun damage, signs of aging and uneven skin tone. Did we mention this one is super refreshing as well?

How to use: 

Cover the eyes with one hand and spray a small amount onto the face and neck.

Step 3: Serum

Moor Spa Renewal Serum – All Skin Types 

What is it?

The Renewal Serum combines plant derived collagen, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid for a firmer and more youthful appearance! 

How to use: 

Apply sparingly to cleansed skin then massage gently over face and throat area. For a more intensive treatment apply a thin layer all over the face, let it dry and then apply a mask of your choice.

Step 4: Eye Cream

Moor Spa Eye Zone Cream

What is it?

If you currently don’t use eye cream, now is the time to start! Eye Zone Cream is a rich protective formula with rich rice bran oil and shea butter which help aid in cell renewal. It’s super hydrating, non irritating and can even help depuff the eyes a little bit!

How to use: 

Morning and evening, pat gently under eye area with your ring finger from outer to inner corner of eye. If you’re planning to apply any make-up after this, make sure you allow it to dry beforehand!

Step 5: Spot Treatment

Moor Spa Blemish Gel

What is it?

This gel does wonders for those who get blemishes easily or have a problematic skin type. With the help of pure moor extract and elm bark, it helps soothe and purify your problem areas!

How to use: 

Apply just a thin layer of gel to problem areas and allow it to dry.

Step 6: Moisturize 

Moor Spa Renewal Cream

What is it?

Renewal cream is the perfect mixture of natural ingredients that all help with dryness, sensitivity, signs of aging, uneven skin tone and sun damage. This cream basically does it all which is the main reason it’s become one of my personal favourites… and hopefully will become yours too!

How to use: 

Apply a small amount to the face and neck, then massage gently. Make sure to avoid any contact with the eyes!

Did You Know? 

The sequence of products matters – Here’s why!

Applying your skincare products in the correct order ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product. If you’re ever confused about which product to start with, remember to follow this rule of thumb – apply products with the thinnest consistency to the thickest, or from liquid to cream! 

This skin care routine is recommended for most skin types but if you are more on the oily or dry side, Moor Spa has plenty of other options for you to choose from. Check them out here → Shop Moor Spa

Need skin advice or have any other general questions? Click here → Contact Us 

Oh! And remember that taking 10-15 minutes out of your day to work on your skin care routine is self-care and can be a very relaxing and rewarding experience… Happy Relaxing!

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