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What We Love About Our Canadian Brands

 Being a Canadian and Vancouver born company, we take pride in where we live and where our products come from. Since the start of COVID in 2020, we’ve come to find the importance of supporting local companies. Not only does this support our economy and the makers, but our environmental impact is reduced just by shopping local – which is an amazing bonus for mother nature! When you support the makers in your neighborhood, you’re supporting the local community as well and that’s what we’re all about here at Absolute Spa. With that said, let’s dive right into the brands!  

Moor Spa 

Made in Richmond, B.C. 

Moor Spa was founded in 1998 by Michael Beresford who took most of his inspiration from Moor Therapy and the wonders of nature. With his team of scientists, Michael created a skin care and body care line formulated with herbal extracts, essential oils, and Austrian Moor (a nutrient-rich plant complex that enhances skin’s health and appearance.) Their products are spread throughout many well-known spas across Canada and have become a favorite for many local Vancouverites!  

What We Love About Moor Spa: 

  • 100% natural ingredients 
  • Great for all skin types 
  • Petroleum free ingredients 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Biodegradable packaging 

Our Favourite Products:  

Moor Spa Tension Balm 

Tension Balm Cream… sounds just like a simple product doesn’t it? But it isn’t! This unique cream helps soothe away muscular tension throughout the body plus helps relieve pain from headaches and migraines! It’s an employee favourite and will be yours too!


“This is like instant stress relief in a bottle. I used it on achy neck muscles and immediately felt more relaxed and calm. It does have a fairly strong scent and tingles on the skin, but even my sensitive skin didn’t find it irritating. It’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day or after spending too long at the computer.” – Emma

Moor Spa Algamoor Mask 

If you have oily, problematic, acne prone skin… and have been on the hunt for a product that will actually work – we’ve got you! The Algamoor Mask contains 12 varieties of algae which provide intense hydration and helps balance the skin! Trust us, this one will be your go-to for years and years to come!


“Very effective in clearing up breakouts!” – April

Moor Spa Cleansing Milk  

This cleanser is amazing for those who have sensitive and dry skin. It’s extremely mild but very effective and gets the job done thanks to its natural ingredients like lavender, chamomile and arnica!


“This is a lovely, light cleanser, great for removing make-up without drying. You don’t need a lot, and it wipes off really easily with no residue.” – Diana

Midnight Paloma 

Made in Vancouver, B.C. 

Midnight Paloma is Canadian made, female owned and operated by Taylor Rogers who took her 12-year retail knowledge and created a line of clean ingredients, modern design and self-care rituals! The brand started out with a 5-piece collection that stemmed from her obsession with charcoal and its naturally detoxifying properties! Since then, she has been able to expand to other amazing products such as skin care tools and so much more! 

What We Love About Midnight Paloma: 

  • Female owned and operated 
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Vegan 
  • Free of chemical preservatives and toxins 
  • Super cute packaging! 

Our Favorite Products:  

Midnight Paloma Detox Mask 

Clear your pores and calm down those breakouts instantly! Aside from the incredibly cute packaging, this mask is made from kaolin clay and of course, charcoal to make sure you end up with smooth and poreless skin! After using this, you’ll never want to use anything else 😉


“I love using my Rose Detox Mask! My face is so smooth after I use it. So gentle, no irritation like other masks I’ve used before. I love it!!!” – Carissa

Midnight Paloma Multi-Mist 

Whether you’re out at a cafe, sitting at the desk or even just laying in bed… you’ll end up reaching for this amazing multi mist! Why? Well, it’s simple! This mist is a 3-in-1 antioxidant treatment that helps reduce dullness and gives you a burst of refreshing moisture! Need we say more?


“Been using mine throughout the day, especially on hot, humid days! I spray on after I wash my face and after I put on makeup. I find that it helps my face stay hydrated, keeps my makeup looking fresh. I also love the fine mist, doesn’t ruin my makeup and really like that it’s in a bottle not plastic!” – Patti

Midnight Paloma The Brightener 

With summer in full swing here in Vancouver, our skin is definitely prone to sunspots! The solution? Midnight Paloma’s “The Brightener!” The unique blend of Vitamin C fades the look of sunspots and fine lines while hyaluronic acid and grapeseed oil hydrate and plump for bright, even skin! 


“I love this serum so much! It has helped my skin get clearer and more vibrant, since I’ve been having to wear a mask with all my clients. Love it” – Zama


Made in Coquitlam, B.C. 

AG Hair has been in the industry since 1989 by owners John and Lotte Davis. They’re well known for their naturally derived and/or organic hair products that customers can’t help but to “Use.Love.Repeat.” When COVID hit and the world addressed a global shortage of hand sanitizers, the brand stepped in to provide their own line of hand soaps and lotions to front line health care workers! The AG Hands Free Hand Sanitizer is now available at many shops in B.C. including Absolute Spa! 

What We Love About AG: 

  • 100% natural and sustainably sourced ingredients 
  • Bottles are BPA free and recyclable 
  • Peta approved company 
  • Free of: Salt, PABA, Parabens, DEA & Gluten 
  • A portion of every bottle sold supports One Girl Can, a registered charity that provides educational opportunities to girls living in Kenya and Uganda. 

Our Favourite Products: 

AG Hand Sanitizer 

The only hand sanitizer we love for its smell and its cleansing properties. Say goodbye to stinky and sticky hand sanitizers and say hello to AG Hands Free! Once you go AG, you’ll never use any other kind… and that’s a fact! #useloverepeat


“I first tried the hand sanitizer as it was a special gift to our switchboard department within the healthcare industry. I found the gel to be lovely and less toxic than the industrial sanitizers issued by the hospital. Thank you.” – Lorelei

AG Healthy Hand Soap 

The Healthy Hand Soap is made up of natural ingredients like cucumber and aloe extracts for softness and hydration! While the antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients help cleanse and clean your hands from everyday germs! It smells amazing, not harsh on the hands and does what it should! No complaints here! 


“It lathers so well, smells amazing and after using for a few days now, I don’t find it dries my hands like other soaps. I did buy the lotion as well and ❤️ it too.” – Sherry

AG Healthy Hand Lotion 

With similar ingredients from the Healthy Hand Soap, you can expect the same hydrating and softening benefits from the lotion plus all the lovely smells from cucumber and aloe! There’s nothing better to put on your hands to soothe and moisturize than AG’s hand lotion!


“This hand soap lathers so well and smells wonderful. The Hand Lotion leaves hands soft, hydrated and not sticky. Can’t say enough about these 2 products. Most Definitely – by AG Hair! THE BEST. Thanks AG” – Monica

Smash + Tess  

Made in Vancouver, B.C. 

Smash + Tess was founded by a mother-daughter-bestie trio (Teresea Freeborn, Ashley Freeborn and Mercedes Laporte) who wanted to re-invent clothing from the sheets to the streets to… “everywear!” The brand focuses on modern but cozy clothing with the woman in mind – which means you can expect quality, style and comfort with every piece worn! 

What We Love About Smash + Tess: 

  • Women owned and operated 
  • Cozy and chic clothing 
  • Soft and stretchy material 
  • Designed for every body shape and height 
  • Designed with the woman in mind  

Our Favourite Products: 

Sunday Romper – Café Au Yay 

Brown tones in the fashion world have been extremely popular this past year and we’re not mad at it. We really love the idea of taking comfy clothing to the streets and Smash + Tess has proved that it actually can work! I mean can we really say no to comfy but super chic clothing? 


“I knew as soon as I saw this color I needed it. I love the Sunday style! So comfy and the color is better in person!” – Ashley

Sweetheart Romper – Black 

It’s the ruffles on the romper for us, what about you? We love that this romper can easily be worn in the summer and even winter months by throwing on a cute little sweater or thick denim jacket! We are obsessed with how effortlessly fashionable this looks, but without compromising comfort!


“The sweetheart romper was everything I imagined and more! Absolutely perfect, so comfortable and so flattering!!” – Haylie

Tuesday Romper 

It’s all about the print on this one. I mean c’mon… it’s sleek, sporty, a great fit and the tiger print is what makes it so unique and eye-catching! I can see someone throwing this romper on and tackling their errands left right and centre! 


“Absolutely love this romper. It’s great for the summer with it being a tank top and it’s very light and the color looks great with a summer tan! I find it flattering and comfortable. Very happy with my purchase!” – Shay

Glee Jewelry  

Made in Victoria, B.C. 

Glee Jewelry launched in 2009 by creator and CEO, Amanda Barrington-Foote who had a passion for design, travel, west coast adventures and connecting with customers! With her team of creative and strong women, they have been able to create a brand of simplicity and everyday wear.  

What We Love About Glee Jewelry: 

  • Created and operated by women 
  • Attention to small details 
  • Simple but gorgeous jewelry 

Our Favorite Products: 

Elsie Earring 

We love how you can get this earring in either silver or gold! Us women love our options and that’s exactly what Glee Jewelry gives us – options, simple but amazing detail and a ton of west coast vibes written all over their jewelry. The Else Earring is dainty enough to wear every day but can still be dressed up for a fancy event which is why it’s become one of our favourites! 

Zany Cuff

Pair it with your favourite watch or wear alone – Either way we love the simple detailing on this cuff and cant get enough of the rose gold finish! 

Friendship Necklace  

Get one for yourself or purchase two – one for you and one for your bestie! This gorgeous necklace is made with fresh water pearls and of course, you get the option for gold, rose gold or even silver.

Warm Buddy  

Made in Vancouver, B.C. 

Warm buddy has been known for their high-quality heat wraps that help de-stress and relieve pain in the body. The heat wraps were one of the first products ever sold since they launched in 1995 by owner and president, Karen Mckee. As time passed on, the addition of aromatherapy and even designer fabrics have been added to enhance the effect of their products. As the owner once said, “everybody needs a warm buddy!” especially children. Her product line quickly grew to include plush animals with heating pack inserts that have helped many parents around the world! 

What We Love About Warm Buddy: 

  • High quality heating technology 
  • Effective results 
  • The cutest plush animals for warm cuddles 

Our Favorite Products: 

Ultra Shoulder Wrap 

We don’t know about you, but after a long day of work the first thing we do is jump into bed and grab our Warm Buddy Shoulder Wrap! This heavy weight shoulder wrap is basically a warm hug you never knew you needed. Get relief from headaches, body aches and stress all from one product… sounds pretty amazing to me, don’t you think?!


“My favorite product for patient use and recommendation is the Ultra Shoulder Wrap. It has the perfect consistency in coverage, weight and heat retention. It perfectly covers the major problem area that many patients suffer from: neck and shoulder tension. I like the fact that it sits right across the shoulders and does not feel like its going to slide off as I have experienced this with cheaper products.” – Krysta

Small Beary The Bear 

Beary The Bear has been a long time favourite for children… and adults (if you have one, we won’t tell anyone!) This cuddly bear has been stuffed with a removable inner heat pack that can be warmed or cooled. This has been especially great for younger children who are teething! It’s cute, warm and will serve as a long time friend for your little one!


“I bought my adorable girl a Warm Buddy, when my husband and I were trying to move my daughter from our bed to her own bed. With the help of the inner heat pack we were able to make the transition from co-sleeping a breeze. A year and a half later my daughter will not go anywhere without her “TEDDY” Warm Buddy bear. Without the inner heat pack she cozies up with it at night, and on days that she is not feeling well the warmth of the heat pack makes her feel 100 times better… I just want to say Thank you for making such a great product, and for all the help!!! I would recommend anyone to buy a Warm Buddy.” – Sarah

Ultra Cozy Robes 

 A robe that’s durable, lightweight, does not pill and feels incredibly soft? Give us one in each colour please! Keep one for yourself and give the other as a gift… We’re sure they’d love it!

Aria Beauty 

Vancouver, B.C. 

Aria Beauty was made by a team of stylists, product innovators and beauty experts. Their products were made to take your beauty experience to the next level with result focused products for everybody and anybody! 

What We Love About Aria Beauty: 

  • Result focused innovations 
  • Made by stylists for stylists  
  • Unique far infrared technology 

Our Favourite Products: 

Aria Satin Pillowcase 

When we say that this pillowcase will forever change the feel and look of your hair, we’re not joking! This pillow is especially amazing for those with coloured or naturally wavy hair as it helps reduce split ends, reduces bedhead and helps that amazing blowout last longer!

Aria Plush Microfiber Headband 

Do you ever put a face mask on or cleanse your face but get the products all over your hair? Yup, we’ve been there and we hate it! This plush microfibre headband helps push back all the hair for a mess-free skin care routine all while looking cute! Choose between white, pink or even mint!

That takes us to the end of our list here! We hope you see a few things that you love! If you’re looking to purchase a few of our Canadian brands you can visit us in-store or online for all your shopping needs!  

And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep yourself updated on all the new things happening in the spa…

H A P P Y S H O P P I N G ! 

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